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So with the newest volume of the Avengers written by Hickman, I have got to say, this may be one of the worst Avengers line-ups I've seen in quite a while.  In my defense, however, I actually liked such line-ups as the one which included Gilgamesh and Reed and Sue, with my favorite being the era with Monica, Namor, and Dr. Druid.

So, I said down and I said to myself, "Self, if you don't like it, what would you like to see?" (Self being what you call yourself, when you talk to yourself)  And then I thought, okay, if I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna come up with a logical reason for it, other than just putting the people I really like on the group.

Captain America
Skills/Contributions: Leadership, tactics, heart and soul of the team
Basically, it's not the Avengers if Cap's not on the team.  More importantly, in my opinion at least, if Cap's on the team, then he's the leader.  Even the times when he's not been the leader and he's been on the team, he's felt like the leader.  Cap is the heart and soul of the Avengers, and provides a great combination of skills and spirit to the team.

: Archery, leadership, unpredictability
Hawkeye's another one it just doesn't feel like the Avengers if he's not there.  And sure, he's usually way outclassed, but not unlike Batman, he continually manages to take down people way out of his league.  Plus, he's like Cap but without the need to speechify every thirty seconds.  He's a smart-mouth, but with good leadership skills to compensate.

Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau)
Skills/Contributions: Energy Powers, leadership, big gun-ness
Ah, Monica.  She brings a lot of power to this team and has a history of leading it too.  And with respect to Carol (who's also earned it), Monica has more than earned the right to call herself Captain Marvel.  Despite some rough periods over the years, she's more than proven herself a hero who deserves to step-up to the big leagues again.

Hank's always been at his best when he's been an Avenger, in my opinion.  And as perhaps the best known mutant in the Marvel Universe, he'd actually be doing mutant-human relations a world of good by being a member again.  He also brings a vast array of science skills to the team, with his umpteen degrees in made-up sciences.

Scarlet Witch
Skills/Contributions: Magic, unpredictability
Poor Wanda.  So mishandled for so long.  Kurt Busiek was finally repairing all the damage Byrne had done to her, and then Bendis goes and ruins her again.  But Wanda's another mainstay, as she should be.  Her combination of mutant and magic makes for a good set of story generation and has pretty useful applications in the field.

: Technology, heavy-hitterness, stealth
And while I'm at it, let's get Vizsh and Wanda back together.  His Pinocchio-schtick is always good, and he brings a pretty good power set to the team.  Plus he provides a pretty good amount of the Worf effect, since he can always be put back together if he gets hurt.  On top of that, Vizsh is just a good vision, with a unique look.

: Strength, stealth, street-level knowledge
Making Sandman a villain again after having one of the best heel-face-turns in comics was and remains a gigantic mistake.  He needs to get back on the sign of the angels again and putting him back into the Avengers is a great way to do it.  Again, another one who also makes for a unique visual, and his knowledge of various underworld workings is a pretty good story-generator too.

: underwater operations
...Okay, I just really like Stingray.  Awesome costume, and it never hurts to have someone around who can dive into ocean after the evil sub/torpedo/etc.

So!  Who would you like to see?

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